Excerpts from a Novel i am Writing.

The following lines are an excerpt from a novel i am writing. Having been stricken with writer’s block for several months, i have decided to share a little of it with people so i can get a push ( either frontward or otherwise)


They laughed as they thought of that day.

What was his name ? Shashi? Wasn’t it?”

“Yeah yeah. Even that godforsaken name wasn’t gender clarifying. Where did you pick him up from? Grant Road?”

“No. I think he was from Parel or something. I don’t remember. But you were horrible to him. He felt bad.”

   “You think I am horrible? Have you spoken to Vishnu’s mother? She has got a mouth like a Koliwada fisherwoman. Yeah. Yeah. We met her when she was in that conference in Belapur. You cant imagine her. Hey Ram.! She was so abusive. That taxi-wallah literally cried.”

“Well. His meter was rigged and he was trying to steal money from us”

“So? How do you know the meter was rigged? Only because Vishnu said it was. I saw his face when he was complaining to his mother. He had this devilish grin. And so did she. They were like two lions waiting to take down a poor deer. That taxiwallah must have seen his wife as soon as he got up that day. His mummy created such a scene. I thought she would beat him with her chappal. She almost reached for it. No. I am not joking. She bent forward to take it..Yes. Her chappal. Right in front of that guesthouse in Colaba. All those aunties were looking at us.”

“Her job demands it nani.”

“Since when did a government officer need to swear like a fishwife? But she is fun. And she has got that self-obsessed aura about her which makes her a treat to watch. Looks like Vishnu got it from her.”


About Kiran Kumar Karlapu

The Prince of the Monsoons. Dreams in English but swears in Telugu. High strung, hyperactive and generally distracted. Fights crime and tweets about them when not forced to attend a Sarkaari Daftar.
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2 Responses to Excerpts from a Novel i am Writing.

  1. I’ve always told you start writing! writers block my foot….lazy ass!

  2. mahabore says:

    The narration seems interesting and the characters also seem quite lively, am in a quandry as to why exactly you are stuck with Writers Block right now…

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