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13 Things to Remember on Turning 30!

I am turning thirty. In the age of millenials and what not, this number becomes a fatalistic reminder that we are no longer the prime target audience for condom and cola ads, but for medical insurance and backache commercials. 30 … Continue reading

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A Telugu Oasis in Bombay. Restaurant Review of Gonguura.

Man is a creature of nostalgia. We all miss home. Sometimes when we live in a strange city, where no one speaks your language and no one celebrates your festivals and each passing moment yet another painful reminder that you … Continue reading

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The StepWells of Lakkundi and Other Places Under The Sun

Lost somewhere along the Tungabhadra, are the sleepy templetowns of Gadag. Although often ignored for their more famous cousins in Hampi, Badami and Pattadakal, the architectural marvels of the #GadagCircuit are no less breathtaking. A tourist on the Gadag circuit … Continue reading

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The God Who Stood On A Brick and Other Places Under the Sun

A Temple Circuit located in the heart of the Marathi land is not exactly the perfect place to plan a solo weekend. But as the wanderlust bug bit me, I decided to just take off. A long overdue demand was … Continue reading

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“Do you have Anything to Declare?” – One of my Best Gold Catches.

       A hot May night.              “Whats the time?, I asked desultorily, to no one in particular as I watched the airhostesses from Indigo greet me and walk ahead. “Its just crossed two o clock … Continue reading

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Kubler-Ross-KiranKumar Model of Smuggling Psychology

    The Kubler Ross Model was developed to explain the various stages of dealing with grief. Through my experiences in the Airport, I have modified it and now I present the “Kubler-Ross-KiranKumar Model of smuggling” This shows the various … Continue reading

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Languages of the Karlapu Household.

The Languages of the Karlapu Household Every family speaks in its own way.  Some shout. Some fight. Some speak with their eyes. Some speak with their hands. Some of them cook and express love. Some love and therefore cook. People … Continue reading

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